Kevin Shewey



Kevin Shewey is a quick thinker, a fast talker, and idealistic to a fault. He’s sharp on the uptake and always has a witty zinger when someone does something stupid, but will also be the first to give a compliment when it’s needed. Generally optimistic with a strong moral center. Fiercely intelligent. Usually bad with relationships.

Kevin is an actor, producer, improvisor, and big time nerd. After getting his MFA in Acting from UC Irvine, he did a stint in New York where he performed Shakespeare Off-Broadway, followed by a stint in a touring musical, followed by realizing that Los Angeles is a much nicer place to live than the East Coast. Now he works and performs in Los Angeles where he’s a member of the Actors Co Op Theatre company and a frequent performer at UCB.

Whether onstage or on camera, Kevin loves stories that connect people, bring empathy and compassion, make people laugh, and teach us something about ourselves.



LA Theatre

She Loves Me

Georg Nowak

The Actors Co Op dir Cate Caplin



The Actors Co Op dir Richard Israel

The 39 Steps

Richard Hannay

The Actors Co Op dir Kevin Chesley

Off Broadway Theatre

Midsummer Night's Dream


New York Classical Theatre dir Sean Hagerty

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe


Theatreworks USA dir Travis Greisler

Regional Theatre

Henry V


Chautauqua Theatre dir Evan Cabnet

The Engine of Our Ruin


Chautauqua Theater Company Dir Ethan McSweeny

Our Town

Sam Craig/Joe Crowell

Chautauqua Theater Company Dir Paul Mullins

The Odd Couple


Summer Repertory Theater Dir Johanna Pinzler

Present Laughter


Summer Repertory Theater Dir Johanna Pinzler

On Camera

Dead-ish(Web Series)


Leprika Productions

Love in the Time of Monsters


TBC Films dir Matt Jackson

Last Night(Short)


USC Films dir Ryan Smith

World War 3 (Short)


dir Jeremy Mcdaniel

Second Chance (Short)


dir Heather Holt

Part-Time Fame (Web Series)

Guest Star

Passed the Double Letters Prod.

Special Skills

Voice: Lyric Baritone - Broadway, Jazz, Classical

Dialects: Extensive IPA training. British (RP, Estuary, Cockney, Mancunian, Irish), Russian, French, Southern.

Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap

Stage Combat: Aikido, Broadsword, Daggers, Hand to hand, Longswords, Court Swords


MFA Acting - UC Irvine,

BA Theater Arts - Azusa Pacific University

Acting – Richard Brestoff, Robert Cohen, Andrew Borba, Jill Brennan-Lincoln

Voice – Phil Thompson, Cynthia Bassham, Gwen Ellison

Singing – Gary Busby, Dennis Castellano, Myrona Delaney

Speech/Dialects – Phil Thompson

Stage Combat – Martin Katz, Micah Chandler

Clown/Mask - Eli Simon, Aole Miller

Movement/Contact Improvisation – Annie Louie

Improv – UCB 101/201/301, 3 years with Live Nude People (With Clothes On)

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